About us

gobella stands for innovation

We are committed to making life easier for wearers, hairdressers and stylists. Our specially developed and protected Softclick extensions are designed to enable women to add colour accents or volume quickly and easily in front of the mirror. The gentle magnetic closure facilitates the application and protects the hair from damage. For hairdressers and stylists, the Softclicks offer the possibility to add highlights or volume to the client's hair even if no permanent change is desired. Softclicks can also be used for colour matching before colouring. Instead of using a colour ring, the client's softclicks can be inserted in seconds. The new colour is thus experienced up close and on the client's own head.


gobella stands for high quality

For us, there is no excuse for poor quality. We set the highest standards for our products, their durability, look and finish. The premium hair quality of our tape extensions exceeds all industry standards. They can be used several times without any problems and without compromising on appearance. The Softclick extensions are also made of 100% premium human hair. The durable magnetic closure of our Softclick Extensions loses less than 1% of its holding power over a period of 100 years and comes with a two-year guarantee.

Don’t wait – gobella.