Hair thickening: Costs of the different extension methods

What may hair thickenings cost? The prices can be between 250 Euro and 700 Euro, depending on the method and quality. They always depend on the type of extension, hair quantity, hair quality and length. Today we will take a look at the price differences between clip-ins, tape extensions, bondings, microrings and softclick extensions and clarify how much budget you have to plan for your dream hairstyle.
Was eine Haarverdichtung kosten darf


Costs for hair thickenings depend on the amount of hair

What a hair thickening can cost, of course, always depends on how much volume should be added and how long the hair of the wearer is. Compared to hair extensions, thickening simply adds volume to the hair. While wearers with thick hair need to supplement about 75 grams, thin hair sometimes needs only 50 grams to create more volume. For hair extensions, you should reckon with about 100 - 150 grams.

What your hair thickening will cost also depends on the length of your own hair. Short hair extensions with 30cm - 40cm are cheaper than strands with 50cm - 60cm. This is because long hair is cut and sold less often than short hair. So if you already have very long hair and now want more volume, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket than wearers with short hair.

Hair thickening - costs of the different types of extensions

Of course, the cost of hair thickening always depends on how much is to be thickened. Therefore, the amount and length of the hair plays a central role. In general, about 50 - 75 grams of hair should be used. How much a hair thickening costs also depends on which extension method is used. The different types of extensions differ mainly in terms of the length of time they are worn. Clip-ins and Softclick Extensions are short-term variations, which are put in in the morning and taken out in the evening. 

haarverdichtung kosten

Tapes, Bondings and Microrings, on the other hand, remain attached to the hair for several weeks to months after application. With the long-term methods, special attention should be paid to high hair quality, because cheap hair breaks down very quickly. In addition, when choosing the right extensions, you should consider how much strain it puts on your own hair. If you are still unsure which extensions are the right ones for you, have a look at our article about the different extension methods.

Hair thickening: Cost of Clip-Ins, Softclick Extensions, Tape Extensions, Microrings, Bondings

  • Clip-Ins: approx. 55 £ - 140 £ (+ no hairdresser costs)
  • Softclick Extensions: approx. 165 £ - 220 £ (+ no hairdresser costs)
  • Tape Extensions: approx. 180 £ - 450 £ (+ low hairdresser costs)
  • Microrings: approx. 230 £ - 450 £ (+ rather high hairdresser costs)
  • Bondings: approx. 320 £ - 820 £ (+ high hairdresser costs)

How much do hair extensions cost at the hairdresser?

In addition to the cost of the hair itself, hairdressers want to be paid for thickening the hair as well. If you want to determine how much a hair thickening would cost you, you should therefore also think about the prices in the salon. Flexible and short-term extensions can be easily and quickly applied in front of the mirror by yourself. Permanent methods, on the other hand, must be used by professionals. Compared to hair extensions, hair thickening is much cheaper, because less time is needed for the application. 

Here the variants differ particularly strongly in price. Tape Extensions stellen die günstigste Methode dar. Während bei Bondings circa 100 bis 150 einzelnen Strähnen eingesetzt werden müssen, reichen bei Tape Extensions 15 – 25 Strähnen für eine Verdichtung. Das spart natürlich viel Zeit beim Salonbesuch  – was sich bei einem vergleichsweise niedrigen Preis bemerkbar macht. Bondings und Microrings sind hier um Einiges teurer, da das Einsetzen häufig fünf Stunden oder länger dauern kann.

The same applies to the prices of reinserting the extensions. When the hairpieces have grown out after a few months, it's back to the salon! You can save money if you buy the extensions online and go to the hairdresser. Salons usually order online themselves and of course add something to the price.

Inserting the extensionsRe-inserting the extensions
Tapesfrom 135 £from 90 £
Microringsfrom 220 £from 180 £
Bondingsfrom 320 £from 320 £

Hair quality is expensive - but it's worth it

Basically: For long-term extensions that stay attached for several months, high-quality human hair should be used. This applies to hair extensions as well as to thickening. Remy human hair is considered particularly high-quality for a good reason. Cheap Non-Remy hair tends to mat quickly and generally breaks down more quickly. Only 100% Russian Remy human hair is used for gobella Tape Extensions This and the extremely gentle pre-treatment of the hair makes gobella extensions the highest quality level available worldwide in the field of human hair extensions. 

If you wish for a hair thickening that is only clipped into the hair from time to time, this is not very important. With Clip-ins, therefore, a rather low hair quality is sufficient to achieve beautiful results. Since they do not stay in the hair permanently, they are used less often and less heavily than Tapes, Bondings or Microrings. For long-term methods, human human hair should definitely be used. 

Remy human hair is particularly high-quality and durable. With Remy extensions, the manufacturing process ensures that all hair is attached to the extension cap in the direction of growth. Therefore the cuticle layers of the hair do not rub against each other. Non-Remy Human Hair can become matted or form knots more quickly because the cuticle layers of the individual hair fall in different directions and rub against each other strongly in the long run. It is hardly necessary to mention that this would destroy your result. Therefore - spending more on Remy Human Hair is worth it! If you want to learn more about hair quality, have a look at our article about Extensions Hair Quality.


For a high-quality hair thickening, costs of about 500 Euro should be planned. It does not make sense to save on hair quality, especially with long-term methods, because the extensions break down very quickly and can be reused less often. Tape extensions are the cheapest option among the permanent variants. Bondings and microrings are mainly because of the hairdresser costs rather in the high price segment. 

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