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Softclick Extensions are a world novelty from gobella, which simplifies styling while protecting your hair and keeping it healthy. Due to the magnetic closure the Softclick Extensions can be attached extremely fast. At the same time, they are the gentlest and healthiest extension method on the world market.

In comparison to conventional Clip-In Extensions, the closure does not bend the hair, but gently encloses it. The closure has been developed to be particularly light and yet adheres extremely strongly. Over a period of 100 years, the magnetic closure loses less than 1% of its adhesive power. For Softclick Extensions from gobella, only high quality premium human hair is used.

The practical magnetic closure and the high hair quality make them the perfect styling addition for extra volume or colour accents. Softclick extensions are designed to be inserted in the morning and removed in the evening. They are not a permanent method. For complete hair extensions and permanent styling we recommend gobella Tape Extensions.

Softclick Extensions Product Details

  • 50cm / 20'' hair length
  • Narrow, very strong magnetic closure
  • Most gentle extension method (no bending of the hair like clip-ins)
  • Quick and easy styling
  • 100% Premium Human Hair
  • Perfect for colour accents and extra volume
  • Absolutely harmless for allergy sufferers
  • Developed in cooperation with over 50 professional hairdressers


Our sets: Which Softclick Extensions set do you need?

  • Highlight Set (10 Sandwiches = 10x front and backside of the strand) - For color accents
  • Volume Set (16 Sandwiches = 16x front and backside of the strand) - For extra volume
  • Volume Plus Set (20 Sandwiches = 20x front and backside of the strand) - For an ultimate volume boost


For whom are Softclick Extensions suitable?

  • For everyone who wants additional volume or colour accents in their hair.
  • For all those whose hair is already damaged. Our flexible magnetic closure protects your own hair from damage instead of bending it.
  • For all who like it uncomplicated and fast. The softclicks are attached and removed in no time at all.
  • For all who want to be flexible. Softclicks are not a permanent method. You can decide every morning - wear them or don't.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which colour do I need?

Our experienced hairdressers will tell you best. Contact our professional stylists who will be happy to advise you directly via Whatsapp. Click here for colour advice

Which set do I need for hair thickening?

We recommend the Volume Set or the Volume+ Set for hair thickening. You want to be on the safe side? Turn to our Whatsapp consultation.There, professional stylists will help you find the right colour and set for you.

Which set do I need for a complete hair extension?

We recommend using our 100% russian remy human hair Tape Extensions instead of Softclicks for complete hair extensions. They are a permanent and also very gentle method. If you prefer to use Softclicks, we recommend combining the Highlight-Set and the Volume-Set.

Are the Softclick Extensions also available in other hair lengths?

No, the Softclick Extensions are only available in a length of 50 cm / 20''. A length of 60 cm / 23'' is also possible on request. Simply write to us about this using our contact form. Contact form.

Can I achieve a little more volume with the Highlight Set?

Not really. The Highlight Set is best used for color accents only. For more volume, we recommend the Volume Set or Volume+ Set.

Can softclick extensions be straightened and curled?

Yes, the hair quality of softclick Extensions is very high. Therefore, they can of course be straightened and curled.However, the same applies as for your own hair: Use heat protection spray, otherwise you will damage the hair and it will break in the long run. We recommend our gobella heat protection.

Can the tapes be dyed?

It is possible to dye or tint the extensions, but you have to be aware that this will damage your hair. Just like with your own hair, coloring your hair destroys it. The extensions do not break from one time dyeing, but they do not stay beautiful and do not last as long. This applies to all extensions, not only to gobella extensions.

Can I still braid my hair wearing Tape Extensions?

Yes, you can easily make a braid. The Softclicks will not get in your way. However, when inserting the strands, make sure that you leave enough space between them and your lateral contours.

How are the Softclick Extensions attached correctly?

We made a tutorial for attaching them, which you can find here: Tutorial.

Do the Softclick Extensions really hold?

Don't worry, the Softclicks hold bombproof. We have been working on the magnetic closure for years and reworked countless versions to perfect the closure. The magnet also loses less than 1% of its holding power over a period of 100 years. However, for them to hold perfectly, they should be properly attached. Watch our Tutorial for instructions.

How long do the Softclick Extensions last?

That depends entirely on how well you take care of them. The magnetic closure loses less than 1% adhesion over a period of 100 years. However, the hair should be cared for so that it lasts as long as possible. With good care, that goes in line with ourtips for care and useyour extensions will last 2 years, with daily use.

Do you leave the Softclick Extensions permanently in the hair?

No, Softclicks are not intended to stay in the hair permanently. They are - similar to Clip-In Extensions - inserted in the morning and removed in the evening. However, sleeping with them one night is no problem. Some customers have left them in for several nights and they still fit perfectly.

Can I sleep with the Softclick Extensions?

We recommend that you remove the Softclicks before going to sleep. However it's best to try it out yourself. Some customers have left them attached for several nights and they still fit perfectly, but that is not what they are meant for. They are - similar to Clip-In Extensions - inserted in the morning and taken out in the evening.

Can I take a shower with the Softclick Extensions?

No, you should take out the Softclicks before showering, because the magnetic closure must not get wet.

How do I have to wash Softclick Extensions?

You enrich a water bath with a shampoo and wash the Softclick Extensions in it. But be careful not to hold the magnetic closure in the water. You can find more information here: Softclick-Extensions-Care-Guide.

I have very short hair and would like a complete hair extension, is that possible?

Yes, but in this case we rather recommend our Tape Extensions. We use the highest hair quality worldwide for them - 100% russian remy human hair, that is extremely gently pre-treated. Softclick Extensions are not intended to remain in the hair permanently and are therefore not optimal for complete hair extensions.

Not sure about the choice of colour? Click here for Colour advice via WhatsApp

Anymore questions about the care of the extensions? Softclick-Extensions-Care-Guide

2 years warrantyon the magnetic closure in case of a technical defect through no fault of our own.

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18 reviews for Softclick Extensions

  1. Yasemin Yilmaz (verified owner)

    Slept with em tonight and still looked great in the morning. Love it 😍🙌

  2. Mara Madlen (verified owner)

    Great extensions I'm very happy with the volume plus set.

  3. Lisa Schubert (verified owner)

    I bought the volume set and was afraid at first, that the closure might be visible. Not the case at all, looks great.

  4. Jennifer Schneckenburger (verified owner)

    They hold perfectly fine if you clip them to thin strands of hair.

  5. Evelyn Auer (verified owner)


  6. Alena Samarcic (verified owner)

    Wasn't that easy in the beginning to attach them to the back of the head, but after two weeks it's easy. totally inconspicuous and looks high-quality.

  7. Alessia Marija (verified owner)

    I think the softclicks are really cool. I still have to get used to them because I always used clip-ins but they are a great alternative.

  8. Julia Schenker (verified owner)

    Here is my small report for all those who are not yet sure. One year ago I got my hair messed up with bondings by an "awesome hairdresser" 😩. I lost a lot of hair and have only worn clip-in extensions since then. I bought the magnetic extensions (Volume Set), because they are more gentle and I found the clip-ins to be quite noticeable sometimes. In the first moment I thought that there is too little hair but since you can apportion them so great, it is enough 👌😊. I'm wearing them for some weeks now and I think they are great. Compared to clip-ins you can push the closure towards the hair root after you attached it, so it's easy to do. Never slipped out before and the hair looks great especially when it is curled. I really like the idea, would be cool if there are more colors soon❤️. LG Julia

  9. Sophia Schleier (verified owner)

    I got super thick hair and ordered the highlight set for some color accents. Then decided I want a little more volume too. Returned them, got the Volume Set and it's looking amazing. Very nice hair, like it a lot.

  10. Anna Samborski (verified owner)

    Great service, great hair, great result

  11. Janina Schulz (verified owner)

    I already wore the extensions for a few weeks and then ordered them in a new color for my wedding. They were in my hair until the early morning hours and looked perfect. 😌 Special thanks to Alea from your service team, who did all the work to make sure that the hair still came in time for the wedding ❤️❤️❤️ You guys are the best

  12. Diana Petridis (verified owner)

    extensions r great, closore hold strong in my hair

  13. Anika Welsch (verified owner)

    Good hair, but I prefer Tapes

  14. Heike Neumann (verified owner)

    Amazing product, will recommend to others!

  15. Tania Ferreira (verified owner)

    Arrived yesterday and excited me right away 🥰😇 Very nice hair and awesome hold 👍

  16. Maria Alaro (verified owner)

    Like it very much

  17. Janine Erlanger (verified owner)

    The first time, the color didn't match 100% but 4 Stars because of the quality 😘

  18. Brigitte Schmidtbauer (verified owner)

    Bin sehr zufrieden. Tolle Haare und halten sehr sehr gut.

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