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The gobella Tape Extensions set new quality standards in the field of human hair extensions. They combine the highest available human hair quality worldwide with the highest possible wearing comfort. The soft and supple hair provides the volume, length and bright shine for the ultimate dream hairstyle of every wearer.

Für Tape Extensions von gobella wird ausschließlich 100% Russisches Remy Echthaar verwendet. Die einzigartige, schonende Vorbehandlung der Haare und die extrem hohe Haarqualität machen unsere Tape Extensions deutlich länger haltbar als Konkurrenzprodukte. Wenn du sie gut pflegst, können die Extensions bis zu einem Jahr und länger verwendet werden. Im Vergleich zur üblichen Tragedauer von 6 Monaten, gilt dies schon jetzt als bahnbrechend.

Unser Klebeverschluss wurde in enger Kooperation mit einem Team aus über 50 Extensions-Spezialisten aus ganz Deutschland entwickelt, ist hochelastisch und absolut temperaturbeständig. Da zum Einsetzen der Extensions keine Hitze benötigt wird, gelten Tape Extensions als schonendste Methode für dauerhafte Haarerlängerungen oder Haarverdichtungen. Der genutzte Kleber macht Verrutschen oder ungewolltes Lösen der Extensions unmöglich.

Der perfektionierte Klebeverschluss erleichtert unseren glücklichen Friseuren das Leben. Er wurde so entwickelt, dass er trotz der extrem starken Haftkraft und Temperaturbeständigkeit besonders einfach zu lösen. Das vereinfacht das Hochsetzen der Extensions enorm und spart Zeit. Zum rückstandsfreien Lösen und erneuten Bekleben der Tapes werden der gobella Tape-In Löser und der gobella Glue Ex empfohlen.

Tape Extensions Product Details

  • 100% Russian Remy human hair (highest available hair quality worldwide)
  • Shiny, silky and soft hair
  • Optimal for accents, hair thickening and complete extension
  • Extremely long durability of the extensions
  • Durable adhesive that can be removed without leaving any residue
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Perfected with over 50 hairdressers


Our sets: How many gobella Tape Extensions do you need?

The information in our sets always refers to single Tape Extension strands. One set contains 10 strands and therefore 18g of hair.

For colour accents/ highlights

  • For thin hair: 2 sets
  • For normal & thick hair: 3 sets


For hair thickening/ more volume

  • For thin hair: 3-4 sets
  • For normal hair: 5-6 sets
  • For thick hair: 6-7 sets


For complete extension

  • For thin hair: 4-5 sets
  • For normal hair: 6-7 sets
  • For thick hair: 7-8 sets


Frequently Asked Questions

Which colour do I need?

Our experienced hairdressers will tell you best. Contact our professional stylists who will be happy to advise you directly via Whatsapp. Click here for colour advice.

How many packages do I need for color accents or highlights?

2-3 packages are already sufficient, depending on whether you have thin or thick hair. For thin hair use 2 packages, for thick hair 3 packages are sufficient.

How many packages do I need for thickening my hair?

That depends especially on whether you have thin, thick or normal hair. For thin hair 3-4 sets are sufficient. For normal hair you need 5-6 sets and for very thick hair we recommend 6-7 sets.

Which set do I need for a complete hair extension?

For a hair extension you will need between 4 and 8 sets depending on the condition of your own hair. For thin hair 4-5 sets, for normal hair 6-7 sets and for thick hair 7-8 sets.

Are the gobella tape extensions also available in other hair lengths?

No, the tapes are currently only available in the lengths shown. 

I have very short hair and would like a complete hair extension, is that possible?

Yes, that works without any problems.

Can gobella Tape Extensions be straightened and curled?

Ja, selbstverständlich. Für Tape Extensions von gobella wird die weltweit höchste Haarqualität verwendet. Du kannst sie genau wie deine eigenen Haare behandeln. Das ist jedoch genau der Punkt! Wie bei den Eigenhaaren gilt: Hitzeschutzspray benutzen, ansonsten schadest du den Haaren mit der Zeit und sie gehen auf lange Sicht kaputt. Wir empfehlen dir dazu das gobella Hitzeschutzspray, das in Kooperation mit einer Vielzahl von Friseuren und Stylisten entwickelt wurde.

Can the Tape Extensions be colored/dyed?

Yes, the Tape Extensions can be colored/dyed. However, the same applies as for your own hair: frequent coloring destroys the hair. If you are unsure about the color: Use our Colour advice via WhatsApp.

Can I still braid my hair wearing Tape Extensions?

Sure! Buns or braids are no problem at all. Tape Extensions are extremely inconspicuous for all kinds of hairstyles due to the very thin closure. You'll love it!

How are the tape extensions applied correctly?

Tape Extensions should be applied by a professional. Hairdressers attach the tapes without heat input. This makes Tape Extensions the healthiest of all permanent extension methods. 

How long can the Tape Extensions stay attached?

Tapes can stay attached 6 to 8 weeks without any problems. Afterwards, they are carefully removed with the gobella Tape Remover . They can then be re-glued and re-inserted multiple times. With good care, our extensions can be used 6 to 8 times - which is groundbreaking compared to other extensions. To guarantee a long durability, you should follow our Tips for care and use

Is it possible to shower with the Tape Extensions?

Yes, but after the extensions have been freshly inserted, you have to do without showering for 24 hours. Use mild shampoos for washing (e.g. volume shampoos). Use rich care products such as conditioners and hair masks, but do not apply them to the hairline. Products containing oil should not be used. It is best to shampoo the scalp carefully and then let the shampoo run over the hair before rinsing it thoroughly with plenty of water.

How long should I not shower after using Tape Extensions?

After Tape Extensions have been applied, they must not be washed or heavily brushed for 24 hours so that the joints can harden completely.

Unsure about the choice of colour? Click here for Colour advice via WhatsApp

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13 reviews for Tape Extensions (10er Set)

  1. Lilly Fournier (verified owner)

    I bought t7/60, color and hair look very nice!

  2. Antonia Lombardi (verified owner)

    The hair quality is actually very very high 👍. Already reattached them 7 times and will order again!

  3. Aysen Aydin (verified owner)

    Very very gorgeous hair. 4/5 because the price is pretty high, but quality has it's price.

  4. Louisa Hander (verified owner)

    a little expensive but great

  5. Alena Samarcic (verified owner)

    I went to the hairdresser yesterday and he thought the hair was just as great as I did ❤️. I bought 6 sets for a hair extension and they look incredibly beautiful. They are probably the best extensions I have ever had.

  6. Marina Ritter (verified owner)

    They r amazing and already attached for the second time.

  7. Marie Maurer (verified owner)

    a dream

  8. Sarah Amani (verified owner)

    I'm wearing them for 4 months now and they still look awesome. If you take care of them, they'll last like a year for sure

  9. Anna-Lena Schmidt (verified owner)

    my hairdresser loves them and so do I

  10. Saskia Wójcik (verified owner)

    Hey i have been working with tapes in my hairdressing salon for 2 years now and rarely have such good hair in my hands 💕... This is super quality mostly the extensions companies say "russian hair" ...and it's actually from china anyway... you have a new regular customer 😏

  11. Seline Aykut (verified owner)

    Wonderful hair. Actually lasted way longer than my old tapes!

  12. Neele Jakob (verified owner)

    Hey dears. The extensions are bomb 👍

  13. Stephanie Schiller (verified owner)

    Great hair, great adhesive. Love it ❤️

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